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Last Day to order custom items that will be guaranteed by the first tournament is Sunday December 10th 6PM. You can place your order by visiting the shop tab on our app or by visiting


Queen City classic- hotels are booking fast. They are much cheaper using the link that booking elsewhere.

Clash at the coast is a stay to play. Please visit the tournament page and click on the link for hotels and boom your rooms

New items in the team store today. New Designs! Multiple sizes, styles and colors. Check them out. Order by December 10th to be in by the first tournament!

Team spirit store clothing items and socks will close tomorrow. It is not guaranteed we will open this store again. We may offer a few other items throughout the season but this is the last day for these particular items. Make sure to place your order today!

Please read this weeks newsletter.

The following needs to be completed asap. The links are in the newsletter and they are working.


Welcome to the group! RULES: -Be Respectful -No “bashing” p...
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