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This Week @Elite

December 31 - January 6


New News

Next week is our first tournament. Please make sure to attend your schedule practice.



Practice begins this week. Please see practice times below.



We have updated our tournament page on our website. We have links to hotels, information and more. As we get closer to tournaments and receive more information we will add that as well.


January Jam

January 6&7

Please check out the tournament page for all information. Click the photo above to visit the page.


Team Store

We have custom water bottles and cups available in our team store! These can be customized in any way below. You will choose when ordering how you want it customized. Visit the shop on our website or app to purchase. .

We have also added custom shirts that are available in several designs and colors.


Christmas Challenge

Team 15 wins the 2023 Christmas Challenge. Thanks to all teams for sending in a video this year. They were all awesome!







Business Hours:

Monday - Friday

9:00AM - 4:30 PM

Phone: (843) 865-6214


Torri McCullough "Coach Mac"


Leslie Webb

*Don't forget to follow us on our socials!

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