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Board of Directors

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Christy McCullough - President 

Christy Smith McCullough is a dedicated volleyball parent with over a decade of volunteering, coaching and organizing sports programs. Her daughter now plays volleyball at the college level, and McCullough's passion for the sport continues to grow.

In addition to her role in our non-profit volleyball club, McCullough is also a teacher at Robert Smalls International Academy. Her experience as an educator has given her a unique perspective on the importance of sports in promoting health, wellness, and social connectedness.

As our non-profit volleyball club President, McCullough's leadership has expanded our reach, providing more opportunities for young athletes to get involved in volleyball and other sports. 

We are proud to have McCullough as our leader and look forward to continuing our mission of providing a safe and supportive environment for young athletes to learn and grow.

Ashley Mirelez 

Ashley Mirelez, a valued member of our staff with years of volunteer experience in volleyball. Ashley first started volunteering in Hawaii for the base teams and YMCA leagues when her daughter Adriana was seven years old. Since then, she has volunteered at schools and clubs in Hawaii, Texas, Maryland, and Beaufort.

Ashley has a deep connection to volleyball, having played the sport herself in 1999. Additionally, she has children who have played or still play the game. While currently a student and homemaker, Ashley's passion for coaching stems from her love of helping young women set and achieve their goals in a competitive sport.

Ashley's favorite part about being a part of Beaufort Elite is watching the club grow and improve with each practice, game, and tournament. As a member of our staff, Ashley is committed to making Beaufort Elite the best it can be for the community. With her experience and dedication, we're fortunate to have Ashley on our team.

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