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Beaufort Elite Volleyball Club

Beaufort Elite Volleyball Club. originally founded in 2007 as Beaufort Volleyball Club. has recently undergone a rebranding process in 2021. With a new name and new colors.

Beaufort Elite Volleyball Club is now a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the youth in our community. As the longest-running volleyball club in Beaufort. South Carolina, and one of the longest-running clubs in Beaufort County. SC. we take great pride in our growth and accomplishments.

Since our rebranding. Beaufort Elite has experienced a significant increase in size, catering to teams ranging from ages 8 to 18. Our comprehensive programs include developmental initiatives to foster basic skills and travel teams that compete in prestigious tournaments across the state of South Carolina.

At Beaufort Elite. we celebrate the outstanding achievements of our players who have excelled at the collegiate level. Through their unwavering commitment. hard work. and exceptional talent. several of our athletes have pursued their passion for volleyball in college. Their accomplishments not only showcase their individual abilities but also reflect the high-quality training and coaching provided by our club.

Additionally, we are immensely proud to witness many of our players continuing their involvement in the sport by transitioning into coaching roles for club teams. middle schools. and high schools. This commitment to giving back and nurturing the next generation of volleyball players epitomizes the strong community spirit and enduring love for the game that Beaufort Elite Volleyball Club embodies.

Our goal is to continue growing the love of the sport among the youth in our community.

We firmly believe that volleyball is not just a sport but a family, and at Beaufort Elite. we embrace this sentiment wholeheartedly. We are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where players. coaches, and families come together as one close-knit family. Together. we look forward to many more years of shared passion. growth, and joy in the beautiful game of volleyball.

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