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Scrimmage 12-16-23

Certification Tournament Saturday, December 16 

Hardeeville Rec Center (NOT Rec complex)

285 John Smith Road

Hardeeville, SC  29927

Doors open at 10 AM 

We have to be out by 4 PM 

Hardeeville rec center is encouraging parents/players to car-pool


Please bring/or send with your player a small, individually wrapped snack for the communal food table (example of things to bring):


Smart Pop 


Granola bars 

Rice Krispies 

Slim Jim’s 

Fruit Snacks 

Individual peanut butter cups 

Individual Nutella cups 



Cooler w/small Gatorade or Powerade - we will have access to ice 

Each team will be sitting for approximately 45 minutes if not playing/working.

We do not need a lot of food, just some substantial snacks to get them through their “sit”,

*These snacks will be on a food table to be shared by all of Beaufort Elite and Seaside


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