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Summer Camp - Coach Katherine Holofchak

Katherine Holofchak has dedicated two-thirds of her life to the world of volleyball, making her an invaluable asset to any team she coaches. With her extensive background as a collegiately trained outside hitter and utility player, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our summer camp. Throughout her years at Randolph College, Katherine played an instrumental role in elevating the volleyball program, culminating in a record-breaking season during her senior year.

Having trained and competed at the college level, Katherine possesses a deep understanding of the game and has showcased her versatility by playing every single position at some point in her career. This comprehensive experience has honed her ability to recognize and improve upon the strengths and weaknesses of individual players, contributing to their growth and development on and off the court.

Following her graduation, Katherine continued her journey in the volleyball world by assuming the role of Assistant Coach at Randolph College. Her commitment and dedication were evident during her six seasons in this position, where she imparted her wisdom to the team, helping them achieve new heights. In addition to her collegiate coaching experience, Katherine served as the JV Head Coach and Varsity Assistant Coach at E.C. Glass High School, nurturing the talent of young players and preparing them for competitive play. She also took on the role of HOV Club Coach, demonstrating her ability to adapt her coaching style to different levels of play.

Katherine's pursuit of excellence extends beyond the confines of the court. She has actively sought professional development opportunities at the national and Olympic levels, attending various programs to enhance her coaching skills. Additionally, she has made a significant impact on the volleyball community by coaching numerous clinics and camps along the East Coast. Her dedication to spreading her knowledge and passion for the sport has positively influenced countless players, instilling in them a deeper understanding of the strategic aspects of the game and fostering their own love for volleyball.

Above all, Katherine's favorite aspect of coaching is empowering her players to comprehend the rationale behind every move and decision made on the court. By teaching them the "why" behind the game, she equips them with the tools to become independent thinkers and strategic players. Furthermore, Katherine is passionate about helping athletes discover their own love and enthusiasm for the sport, much like the passion that has driven her for the past two decades.

This Summer, you can expect a dedicated mentor who will guide athletes through the intricacies of the game, push you to reach your full potential, and instill in you a lifelong appreciation for volleyball.

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