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Parent Informational Meeting - FAQ

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

SEASON 2022-2023


How many practices per week?

  • There is one scheduled practice during the week and one scheduled practice on the weekends.

  • There may be times that the coach will hold an extra practice before a tournament. The coaches will send out a message to let all players and parents know ahead of time.

Are uniforms included?

  • Yes, your player will receive one jersey and one warm up jacket. This is included in your club dues.

  • Your player will also need black spandex for game days, knee pads (coaches choice of either black or white). These will not be free. You will need to purchase these on your own. Amazon and Dicks Sporting Goods are great places to purchase these items.

Can parents order fan gear?

  • Yes, we will open a team store in early November. Parents will have the chance to purchase fan gear for themselves.

  • You will also have options to buy Beaufort Elite gear for your player. There will be backpacks, pants, socks etc.

How many teams will there be?

  • We are hoping to have at least one team per age group.

  • We will not have an exact answer until try outs are completed.

How will we be notified if my player made a team?

  • You will receive an email from our club and one from sports engine.

  • The email from Sports Engine is a team acceptance email. You will need to open the email and accept the position on the team. You will also need to upgrade your try out membership to the full season membership.

  • The email from the club will let you know you have been chosen to play for a team. It will tell you which team and who your coaches will be. Please reply to this email with a yes or no if you accept the position.

When will my team have practice?

  • After you have accepted a position on a team, you will be contacted by your coach about practice times. Depending on which team you are on, will depend on what day and time you will have practice.

How much are club dues this season?

  • Club dues will be $1200 this season.

What does my club dues money pay for?

  • It pays coaching and staff salaries

  • Gym rentals fees

  • Tournament fees

  • Jersey and warm-up jacket

  • Equipment

When will I need to pay club dues or pay the deposit?

  • After you have accepted your position on a team, you will have the option to pay a deposit, choose a payment plan, or pay in full.

  • The deposit must be paid by November 21, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

  • The deposit must be paid by this date or you must have a submitted financial aid form.

  • Pay attention and read through all the payment options. There is a deposit only option, a paid in full option, and payment plans. Some payment plans include the deposit, some you must pay the deposit and then set up the payment plan. separately.

Where do I pay the deposit?

  • You may pay the deposit on our website at

Are hotels covered in club dues?

  • No, you will be responsible for paying for your own hotels.

  • Keep in mind some tournaments may be a stay to play tournament. This means that we must stay in certain hotels in order to participate. You will have a team parent help you with this. There will be a certain website that you will book your hotel with for these tournaments. If you do not book through this website, your team can be fined by the region.

Are you required to stay in hotels for tournaments?

  • For stay to play tournaments, you are required to book your hotel through a certain website using a code. If you do not do this, your team and club can possibly be charged a fine.

  • All other tournaments, you are not required to stay in a hotel. Please know that the majority of games start at 8:00AM or 9:00AM. Your player will be required to be there up to one hour early depending on what your players coach requests.

Will Beaufort Elite be doing fundraisers this season?

  • Yes, as of right now we have two fundraisers planned for this season.

  • 50% of the fundraiser money you turn in can be used to go towards your players club dues if you choose. The other 50% will go into the club equipment account.

  • You can find these fundraisers on our website

Will there be more paperwork that we need to fill out after we make a team?

  • Yes, you will need to fill out a medical release and you will also need to read over and sign the parent/player handbook.

If I can’t afford for my player to participate, can I receive financial aid or assistance to help pay for club dues?

  • Yes, there is financial aid available.

  • There is a limited amount that we can give out in financial aid.

  • You must visit and print out the form. You must completely fill this out and turn back in to your coach or the director by November 19, 2022 11:59PM.

  • You may also submit the form to Make sure if emailing a copy, that the copy is clear with no shadows. We need to be able to read everything clearly.

  • The board will look at each individual financial aid request on a case by case basis. We will let you know by email if you were approved or denied. We will also let you know how much financial aid to receive.

  • If you are not approved or do not receive full financial aid, you can participate in the fundraisers to help pay club dues.

  • You can also print out a player sponsorship form. This form can be found on our website The players family, person, friend, or even a business can sponsor your player.

Will there be a boys team this year?

  • We would like to have a boys team if we have enough players to make a team.

  • Please fill out the boys interest form on our website Please choose the boys interest form and fill out and hit submit.

  • We will contact you closer to try outs and let you know if there will be enough players for a try out or to make a team.

Will Beaufort Elite need parent volunteers during the season?

  • Yes, we have several opportunities for parents to help out during the season.

- Each team will need one Team Coordinator.

- Each team will need a team videographer. ( Parents can also swap out each game)

- Each team will need a team photographer. (Parents can swap out each game)

What tournaments will Beaufort Elite be participating in this year?

  • As of right now, this is the tentative schedule. Please know this schedule can change. The region is still adding some tournaments and finalizing some of the schedules. We will keep parents updated on any and all changes.

  • Each Girls Team 13-18 will play in six tournaments

  • Girls Team 12 will either play in five or six tournaments. (details coming soon)

Tentative Season 2022-2023 schedule

  1. Southern Classic-January 14-15, 2023-Rock Hill, SC

  2. Crosstown Throwdown - January 28-29, 2023-Rock Hill, SC (One day tournament -Depending on your players team)

  3. Beach Ball Bash-February 11-12, 2023-Myrtle Beach, SC

  4. Nike Savannah Showdown-February 18-20, 2023 Savannah, GA

  5. There will be a tournament in mid March. Details coming soon

  6. Regionals Round 1- Girls Teams 15-16 March 24-26, 2023 Rock Hill, SC. This is a stay to play tournament.

  7. Regionals Round 2- Girls Teams 12-14 March 31 - April 2, 2023 Rock Hill, SC. This is a stay to play tournament.

  8. Regionals Round 3- Girls Teams 17-18 April 14-16, 2023 Spartanburg, SC. This is a stay to play tournament.

*Boys team information coming soon

If you have anymore questions before try outs, please email us at

You can also drop us a comment on one of our socials or comment on this blog post.

We look forward to seeing everyone at try outs! #weareelite


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