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Updated: Jan 21, 2023






Packing for the tournament

Please make sure you arrive to the facility wearing the following:

  • 2023 Warm - up Jacket

  • Jersey

  • Black Spandex (See image below)

  • Knee Pads - Check with coach on color.

  • Slip on shoes (Please do NOT wear your volleyball shoes outside of the facility)

Don't Forget your bag! Some items to pack in your bag for a tournament.

  • Volleyball shoes

  • extra jersey (If you have one)

  • extra spandex

  • extra socks

  • knee pads and one set of extras

  • Braces if you need them

  • tape or other first aid items that you may need

  • personal items

  • charger

  • healthy snacks

  • Whistle (For working team)

  • water water water!


Team Photos and Videos

We have tripods for parents to use for recording games. If you need to borrow it at the tournaments let your coach know. They are in the team bags.

If you are interested in recording games let us know. There is also a free streaming service that we are able to use this season if anyone is interested in learning how to use I would be glad to help you! Email and we will set up a zoom meeting before the next tournament to help you get set up. Its fairly simple!

If you want to see your players and team on our socials or website? Make sure to upload them to your team pages on our app so that we can use them. If you do not share them we can't share them.


Advanced Event Systems

You can also refer to this as AES. This is where you will go to find out tournament schedules. Typically 5-7 days before a tournament, you can check AES to see your teams schedule. Keep in mind these times can change up until the day of so keep checking. As always, your coach will keep you updated on any changes.


Regionals - Stay to play event

Stay to play events are tournament in which we must book hotels using a certain link or code to book. If our club does not book through these links/codes your team or your club can face fines or even deductions of points at your games.

*Book regionals as soon as you can. They are booking fast!

Regionals week 1 - Team 15 and Team 16

Team Codes:

Team 15: G15BEAUF1PM

Team 16: G16BEAUF1PM

Regionals week 2 - Team 13 and Team 14

Team Codes:

Team 13: G13BEAUF1PM

Team 14: G14BEAUF1PM

Regionals week 3 - Team 18

Contact your team coordinator for more information about your regionals tournament hotels.

Please send all of this information to your coach or team coordinator. If you do not know who your coordinator is, please see the list below. They can all be contacted through your team page on our app

*If you have any questions or concerns regarding the hotels please contact Ashely Mirelez.


Fundraisers and Sponsor's

If you would like to still complete a fundraiser, you can continue to turn these in. You can apply 50% of this to go towards your club dues balance. If you are paid in full you can use this money to help out your team funds. We ask that every player participate in at least one.

As of right now we are only showing 2 teams that have a team funds balance to use this season. Everyone keep working on it. If you haven't completed the entire fundraiser you can still turn in what is done.

You can also keep bringing in sponsorships for our club. You can still use the 50% to go towards your club dues balance or teams funds.

The more fundraisers you complete the more team funds you have to use for YOUR team!

*If you have turned in a sponsorship, please send us their logos so we can get them posted on our site!


Spirit Night

We will be hosting a Spirit Night at Fat Patties on January 24, 2023. It will begin at 5:30 and run until closing that evening. Invite some friends, come grab dinner, and hang out with some elite staff and other players and family. Make it an easy dinner night and come out and eat with us!

If you would like to help with our donation table, please email us.

*Reminder: if you are financial aid recipient, we will be contacting you to help with the donation table.




Team Coordinators:

Please fill out your spreadsheets or send me a copy of your spreadsheet with regionals information. We need to see who has rooms and who does not. We would like to get this done so that we can move on from hotels :)

If you have any questions about team funds and how to use them, please let me know. Some have funds to use and some do not (they did not participate in fundraisers)

If your team would like to do a fundraiser to help bring in money for them to use for travel please contact Leslie or Ashley. We are open to ideas on how to help your teams!


Upcoming Dates:

  • January 24, 2023 - Fat Patties spirit night. 5:30pm- closing.

  • January 28, 2023 - Crosstown Throwdown - Rock Hill, SC - Team 13 & Team 14

  • January 29, 2023 - Crosstown Throwdown - Rock Hill, SC - Team 15 Blue, Team 15 Black, Team 16 & Team 18

  • April 28, 2023 - Mark your calendars this is the date for our end of season Banquet. We want to see everyone there. This is a great time to celebrate your players and coaches and all of your hard work this season

*Check out our Schedules tab on our website for even more dates throughout the season. You can check out our Google calendar, tournaments and practices.


The Boards Corner

On tournament weekends, our newsletters will typically be a day late so that we can publish standings from the weekend. We will be scheduling Team and Individual Pictures sometime in January or early February. We will have one night/afternoon for all and one make up night for those that cannot make it. More information coming soon!

We are so proud of how everyone did this past weekend! Great job to all players, coaches, parents, and staff! Now time to put in more work the next two weeks!



Business Hours

Monday - Friday

9AM - 4:30 PM

Phone: (843) 865-6214



Need help finding sponsors or have questions?

*Don't forget to follow us on our socials!

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