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This Week @Elite

December 18, 2022 - December 24, 2022


If you only paid the deposit in November, your second payment is now past due. Please make arrangements to pay these immediately. You may choose to pay your balance in full $1000 or pay a two payment plan of $500)

*This does not apply to those that signed up for a 3 month plan in November or that paid in full.

How to: USAV Trainings


Developmental Registration will be closing on Monday December 19, 2022.



Christmas Challenge

All players and coaches get your ideas together. You have a few practices to get this done. Get on TikTok and find the best Christmas song , learn a dance and record. Its a great time to wear your best Christmas attire and dance it out. Have some fun and make it great! Coaches if you need help reach out to your team coordinators and parents for help. Check out our TikTok @beaufortelite to see the dances from last year.

Please submit your videos by the end of day tomorrow. If there have been practice conflicts please let us know and we can give you an extension. We cannot wait to see them!

Who will be the winner this year?

2021 Winner



Great job today to all of our teams. Keep up the hard work!


Fundraisers and Sponsors:

We have two fundraisers you can participate in. We ask you to please complete one. When you turn in a completed fundraiser, you can earn 50% towards your dues or you can put it towards team bonding. Your choice!

You can pay your fundraiser money online if paying in full.

If you are wanting to pay online but do not have the full amount, please email and I can set up and online payment for the amount you want to turn in.

We are also looking for corporate sponsors this season! We advertise for them in return. For higher donations they will be recognized at our banquet and receive a plaques to place in their office or business. This is a great way to help the youth in our community. There are many businesses around Beaufort area that have not been approached yet. If you would like some advice or leads please let us help you. Plus if you bring in a corporate sponsor, you can put 50% of the donation to help pay for your club dues!

Thank you to those who have already brought in several sponsors!

All of theses forms can be found on our app and


Stay to play events

Stay to play events are tournament in which we must book hotels using a certain link or code to book. If our club does not book through these links/codes your team or your club can face fines or even deductions of points at your games.

Click on the links below. On the tournament pages you will find the PDF with the links and codes needed to book. If you need help please contact your coach.

Please start sending all of your regionals information to your coordinator if you have not already.

*Book regionals as soon as you can. They are booking fast!

Regionals week 1 - Team 15 and Team 16

Team Codes:

Team 15: G15BEAUF1PM

Team 16: G16BEAUF1PM

Regionals week 2 - Team 13 and Team 14

Team Codes:

Team 13: G13BEAUF1PM

Team 14: G14BEAUF1PM

Regionals week 3 - Team 18

Contact your team coordinator for more information about your regionals tournament hotels.

Please send all of this information to your coach or team coordinator. If you do not know who your coordinator is, please see the list below. They can all be contacted through your team page on our app

*If you have any questions or concerns regarding the hotels please contact Ashely Mirelez @



December 19, 2022 is your last day to complete registration online. After this we will be closing it.

Payments - Please make your first payment as soon as possible. It is due on December 19, 2022. If you have questions please let us know.

If you do not pay your first payment, you risk not having your players jersey ordered on time.


Upcoming Dates:

December 1 - 18 - Christmas contests are back! We want our teams best Christmas TikTok dance and lets see the best Christmas themed practice team photos! Winners will be announced the following week before Christmas day. Winners will get bragging rights and at team prize!

December 18, 2022 - Fundraisers (calendar and color the volleyball) are due. If you need more time to complete your fundraisers let us know.

December 18, 2022 - Last day for team store orders for this season. We will not be placing any more orders after this date.

December 19, 2022 - Last day to register for Developmental. Please pay the developmental deposit by this date as well.

December 25, 2022 - Merry Christmas !!!

January 1, 2023 - Happy New Year! Countdown is on for our First Tournament.

2023 - Check out our tournaments page under our events tab on our website. You can see our current schedule and click on each tournament for the most up to date information.


Team Coordinator's

Team 13 - Maria Cook

Team 14 - Ty Tison

Team 15 Blue - Jay Kennedy

Team 15 Black - Ashley Mirelez Coordinator and hotels, Betsy Pence

Team 16 - Tanice Snyder

Team 18- Ashley Mirelez and Maria Cook

*Make Sure to send them your hotel information on the two stay to play events.


Southern Classic

Our tournament season kicks off in January with the Southern Classic in Rock Hill This is also a FRIENDSHIP tournament Please start thinking of ideas with your team of something small but unique to pass out to the other teams.

Examples: Keychains, hair ties , candy bangs, lotion etc. Please plan for at least 4 teams to be sure you have plenty.



Please see the photo below as a reference when shopping for spandex for your player. All Elite players must have black spandex. We recommend purchasing at least two pair to have for the multi day tournaments.

Please check with your coaches to find out what color knee pads they have chosen to go with. They will either need black or white.


Team Store

*This will be our last store. Please order now.


The Boards Corner

It was great to see everyone at the scrimmage on Saturday! Everyone did a fantastic job. We also want to thank Seaside for hosting our scrimmage this year.

Please make sure you are reading your team page update and any announcements on our page. practicess may change due to the upcoming Holidays.

After the Holidays, you will only have a few weeks before our first tournament in Rock Hill. Make sure you come to practice so that you are ready for the tournament. Coordinators, dont forget this is a friendship tournament. Please make sure to plan for at least 4 teams.

If you used an electronic whistle last year and did not return it to the coach, please make sure to turn that in this week. We have several that went missing after last season and we would like those to be returned so that we can use them this season.

We want to wish ALL of our Elite Family Happy Holidays!


Business Hours:

Monday - Friday 9AM - 4:30 PM

(843) 865-6214


Need help finding sponsors, Hotels or have questions?

*Don't forget to follow us on our socials!

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